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Build Technology Converge brings together best-of -breed security systems to safeguard your most valuable assets - people , property and data. Converge offers total solutions in the area of public safety, commercial and residential security, law enforcement, border control as well as the financial services industry in particular. These solutions which include video surveillance, face recognition and people tracking respond to the needs of the market in which AI technologies such as deep learning and big data analytics are now standards .

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What We Do and How We Integrate

Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems

   Across the world, video surveillance and analytics use high-definition cameras and video cloud data to help secure entire cities:

  • Transportation hubs i.e. airports, seaports, train and metro stations

  • Public areas i.e. shopping malls, banks and business districts

  • Managing traffic on expressways

  • Securing assets at critical infrastructures and industrial parks

  • Mobile surveillance for law enforcement mobile units

  • Customs and border control facilities

Beyond round-the-clock surveillance, we provide you with complete and fully-integrated video surveillance solutions:

Key Solutions:

·         Perimeter Intrusion Detection

·         License Plate Recognition

·         Abnormal Behavior Detection

·         Demographic Analysis


Ultra-Sensitive Scanning Systems

Our scanning machines are renowned for their highly-sensitive capabilities in detecting dangerous materials and threats at key points of entry around our cities.

Transportation hubs, public and government buildings as well as customs and border control facilities are critical areas which require security with the highest degree of certainty.

It is peace of mind that can only be provided by the best in scanning technology.


Key Solutions:

·         Metal Detectors

·         Baggage Scanning

·         Dangerous Liquid Detection

·         Explosives Detection


State-of-the-Art Biometrics

Face recognition is no longer science-fictions. Today, we partner with pioneers in the field of biometrics to bring you the latest in facial recognition systems.

  • Identify individuals against photo database of more than a billion records

  • Differentiate face portraits from live human faces during identity verifications

  • Detect registered individuals in real-time surveillance and trigger alerts

  • Track and analyze suspects’ travel routes to assist criminal investigation

  • Detect frequent visitors and perform companions analysis


Key Solutions:

·         Face Recognition

·         Face-Liveness Detection

·         People Tracking

·         Facilities Access Control

·         Time & Attendance Management

·         Visitor Management

·         Customer Relationship Management